W-W280 mud stone crusher machine
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1. The single-rotor first crushes a set of rotors, so that the materials crushed by the first-stage rotor are immediately crushed by the hammer head of the fast-rotating first-stage rotor. The materials in the inner cavity collide with each other quickly and crush each other to reach the hammer powder. The effect of the powder is directly discharged.

2. There is no requirement for moisture content, serious blockage will not occur, the hammer cannot be rotated, the material can not be discharged, and the motor can even be burned out, which seriously affects production.

3. Single-rotor single-stage pulverization, large output, discharge particle size is less than 20mm, and less than 10mm accounts for more than 70%

Product Performance


model W-W280-350
Import size 450x400mm
Grinding size 3-20mm
Yield 8 tons/h
Voltage 380V
power 5.5KW
size 2400*380*1100mm
weight 350KG

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