W-F700-F02 flowmeter liquid big volume filling machine
W-F700-F02 flowmeter liquid big volume filling machine Filling Machine W-F700 WINS-FILL small filling,capping,sealing,labelling machine Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Shah Alam Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Winston Resources
flowmeter filling

Product name: Semi-automatic flowmeter type filling machine

Applicable materials: various edible oils, lubricants and other oils
Filling accuracy: error within three thousandths
Volume adjustment method: computer screen volume adjustment; can store three sets of commonly used irrigation volume, convenient for switching between multiple irrigation volumes
Filling principle: The gear oil pump pumps the material into the splitter, and the splitter is connected to two pipelines. Each pipeline has a flowmeter for measurement. When the metering needs to be filled, the flowmeter sends a signal to the computer, and the computer closes the filling. Install the valve and turn off the gear pump.
Filling range: 500-5000ml (conventional) other filling volume order note customization
 Production capacity: 6 barrels per minute (5 liters)
Size: 80*55*130cm       Weight: about 120KG
Friendly reminder: For the filling valve and submersible cylinder of this machine, the customer needs to prepare an air compressor.

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