FQ900-100 automatic bottle cartoning machine
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Brief instruction:
The automatic bottle carton packaging machine clamp the bottle by bottle holder (with rubber to avoid damaging the bottle), and then put the bottles into open carton. When the bottle holder lifts, the carton with bottles will be sent to carton sealing machine. The machine is controlled by PLC and Touch Screen. The machine will alarm and stop when it is lack of bottles, This packing line is very easy to operate, manage, and reduce the labors and work intensity, it is necessary for automatic production line. 



1. The machine will arrange the products according to the carton filling requirement.

2. It has novelty design and compact construction.

3. It has wide application; it is suit for different products, such as plastic flat bottles, round bottles, irregular bottles, and different kinds of    glass bottle, columned and oval-shaped bottle, square cans and paper cans.

4. It is easy to move and used in the carton packing production line

5. It is controlled by the computer and easy to operation and its performance is stable.

Technical Parameter:



L200-500  W150-400  H100-450mm

Height of the table


Carton speed

8-12 carton/min

16-24 carton/min



Power supply

220/380 50/60Hz

Air source


6-8 kg/cm3




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